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 Money System

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Admin/AmeKage/Legendary Hyuuga/Split Personality:Violet

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PostSubject: Money System   Fri Jul 04, 2008 9:48 pm

Ok Money system so you n00bs can get it straight

When you die or are registered you start off with 200 ryo

people can gain money through missions

D rank missions - 50 ryo = 200 exp
C rank missions - 150 ryo= 600 exp
B rank missions - 500 ryo = 1000exp
A rank missions - 750 ryo= 2500 exp
S rank missions - 1,500 ryo= 3500 exp

Kages,Admins,Sensei's have unlimited ryo

Whenever you do a mission let an admin approve it.If you lie and say you have money you dont then you will be banned for a week and lose all your money.Thanks for your cooperation ^^
P.S Put Your Money Under Your Sig- Seto Kon Yadori
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Money System
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