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 Hyuuga Jutsu

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PostSubject: Hyuuga Jutsu   Fri Jul 04, 2008 10:01 pm


1. Byakuugan (Enhanced Vision): Those who possess the Byakuugan have an improved line of sight, a 360 degrees field of vision and the ability to see the inner coil system that transports chakra through the body. In advanced cases they can also see the opening points, which in theory gives them the ability to shut down an opponent's chakra flow completely.Can be used throughout an entire fight(any rank may use this)

2. Eight Trigrams Empty Palm: A palm thrust, capable of being done while out of arms' reach, pushes away the victim violently ,presumably with chakra. lasts for 1 post, cannot be used for until 2 posts have passed. can be used as many times as possible.

3. Gentle Fist: The inner coil system that transfers chakra around the body is very close and is essentially a part of all of the human body, including crucial organs. Members of the Hyuuga clan train in a special fighting style that requires the Byakuugan and excellent chakra control; through the Byakuugan they are able to see the opponent's inner coil system which they forcefully channel their own chakra into, causing severe damage to organs nearby. The technique earned its name because even a seemingly gentle, unimpressive hit can prove lethal. too activate this, you post that you are standing in the "gentle fist stance". Last for 5 posts. cannot be used for 5 posts. can be used 3 times.

4. Eight Trigrams Sixty-four Palms: A very advanced Gentle Fist Style technique, the user must be able to see the Chakra holes (tenketsu, "pressure points") of the opponent and execute it with incredible dexterity and precision in order for it to be effective. In a series of two heavy strikes, followed by two more, followed by four, followed by eight, followed by sixteen, followed by a dazzling thirty-two consecutive pinpoint-precision strikes, this jutsu closes 64 of the 361 tenketsu of the opponent completely. The last of the sixty-four strikes appears to be a blow with the full, open hand, rather than the fingertips of the index and middle fingers. The end result is a victim with disrupted chakra flow, making it very problematic to stay standing up and impossible to execute jutsu, unless an alternate chakra source is available, which is exceedingly rare and has only been demonstrated thus far in people containing a Bijū (Tail Beast). takes 2 posts to prepare. cannot be used until 2 posts have passed. can be used 4 times.



1. Eight Trigram Palms Heavenly Spin: A very advanced Taijutsu passed down in the Hyūga main house, it uses a solid amount of chakra expelled from the whole body - as opposed to imprecise bursts from only specific parts of the body, which is the most even your typical Jōnin can manage - to stop any attack in its tracks, then push it back with equal force, making it a very efficient defense and also making it possible to use it as an offense. last for 1 post, cannot be used until 3 posts have passed. can be used as many times as possible.

2. Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms: is an advancement of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms. Presumably, this technique would strike each of the special 64 Tenketsu (chakra holes) twice when directed at a single, humanoid opponent, an even more devastating blow than the Sixty-Four Palms. The attacks in this technique are clearly executed at a much higher speed than the Sixty-Four Palms, making it even more dangerous. takes 2 posts to unleash. cannot be used until 3 posts have passed. can be used 3 times.

3. Multi clone Eight Trigrams Empty Palm: creates 3 clones who surround( you also surround your opponent) your opponent and use the empty palm all at once. Causes major injuries most notebly being unable to move for 2 posts. Lasts for 1 post. cannot be used for 4 posts. can be used 2 times. takes 2 posts to unleash.

4. Chakra blades: chakra forms around your hands, into 2 blades (one for each hand). The blades are sharp enough to slash at your opponent but not sharp enough to cut them in half. Blades are strong enough to parry of weapons such as swords, kunais, shurikens etc. Lasts for 4 posts, cannot be used until 5 posts have passed. can be used 3 times.


Special jounin/Jounin-

1. Eight Trigrams Three-Hundred Sixty-One Palms: The Hyūga clans most powerful jutsu , this technique would strike each of the special 361 Tenketsu (chakra holes) directed at a single, humanoid opponent, instantly killing the opponent with the final blow. To perform this attack, the user has to concentrate all of his/her chakra chakra into the two palms of his/her hands to make sure every strike hits every Tenketsu precisely, thus immobilizing the opponent with every hit. The attacks in this technique are executed with speed that could match the Extreme Lotus's. Takes 2 posts to execute. 3 per battle.

2. Eight Trigram Palms Great Heavenly Spin:: A greater more powerful version of the heavenly spin, it has a larger amount of chakra expelled from the whole body resulting in a bigger burst of chakra around the user, thus pushing back any object it stops further away violently. lasts for 1 post. cannot be used for 3 posts. can be used as many times as possible.

3. Guardian Eight Divination Signs, Sixty-Four Palms of the Hand - emit chakra from my palms and move my arms in sweeping pattern movements to provide a full 360 degree range of protection for my body. This chakra will be also be able to cut through most any target which dares penetrate the protective sphere. By expelling a more sharper, stronger and more flexible amount of chakra, i can increase it's effectiveness against more massive incoming objects.

4. Hakke Kuushou, Eight Divination Signs Air Palm - Hakke Kuushou is a ranged Taijutsu technique . Extending chakra from my body, i will thrust my palm at my target. This will send out an invisible wave of chakra which can knock my opponent back. If applied with enough power it can hit and affect the tenketsu points

Hyuuga Style: Muscle Thrasher-
The hyuuga user with his byakugan looks at the inner coil of the body and at the muscles of an opponent and then focuses chakra into their fingertips.As long as the jutsu is activated any time the target is touched by the hyuuga's fingertip the muscle around that area is strained and is hard to move.Is only activated for 4 posts and can only be used once a page.
(ex.-i focus chakra into my fingertips and poke Ryan where his biceps are.As his biceps feel strained he has a had time moving it)


M. Byakugan - jst as normal byakugan but allows more insight like seeing the persons chakra system in the organs, also gives a wider range of vision(the distance u can see) it also increases your speed and your reaction speeds

Guardian Eight Divination Signs, 128 Palms of the Hand - jst like 64 palm of the hands but stronger

Guardian Eight Divination Signs, 361 Palms Of The Hands - jst like 64 n 128 palms of the hand but much stronger

Hyouketsu Tentou (burning heaven) - the M. Byakugan version of the M. Sharingan technique Amaterasu. In this case the user shoots chakra through his chakra points so concentrated that it burns stuff away. this technique causes a lot of strain on user

Gentle Hyouketsu Tentou - just like Hyouketsu Tetou but the user uses the gentle fist style to apply the damage internally so when the user strikes the opponent they inserts the chakra internally severely burning the persons insides (again causes a lot of strain on user)

Divine Tornado - An improvement on the Divine whirl and the heavenly divine whirl. In this jutsu the user releases chakra using jyouken and from all chakra points. In this it can deflect the attack away or the user can use it to trap the opponent in the chakra causing the person to suffocate from the lack of air in their and the amount of chakra drowning them

Gentle Fist : Gentle Death
A jutsu that the user hits the opponent with an open palm and through jyouken enters into the opponent body ( this chakra is made from highly built up pressure and in the same format as Hyouketsu Tentou )
This causes tremendous strain on the user
The chakra starts to slowly spread through the opponents body slowly striking each of the opponents tenketsu points as the opponent uses more chakra, if this spreads through to each tenketsu point the opponent dies,
(every post 2 tenketsu is hit and the person has the usual 361 tenketsu points)
they will not die if they stop the fight and rest for 24 hours

Eight Trigrams Mountain Crushers
user will form a 90 degree angle using two hands. He will form as much chakra into his hand and push large amount of chakra at opponent. This jutsu is much stronger than Hakke Kuushou: Eight Trigrams Air Palms. The blast is able to damage any object in its path.
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Hyuuga Jutsu
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