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 Legendary Hyuuga Jutsu

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Admin/AmeKage/Legendary Hyuuga/Split Personality:Violet
Admin/AmeKage/Legendary Hyuuga/Split Personality:Violet

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PostSubject: Legendary Hyuuga Jutsu   Fri Jul 04, 2008 10:05 pm

Legendary Fist
This just makes the users hands shine a gold colour as the chakra released from jyouken reaches its peak. This jutsu doubles the strength of any gentle fist and m byakugan jutsu

Legendary Eyes
This justu makes the eyes of the hyuuga reach their ultimate output as well, from this jutsu the eyes of the hyuuga turn gold and increases their insight, they can see much further distances and a new level of the human body, they can now see the nerve channels of the opponent

Legendary Palms : 64 Nerves Strike
the legendary eyes must be active for this. In this jutsu the user palms turn gold and does the strikes at the opponent only here the user strikes the nerve channels which paralyzes them only for the battle, from paralyzing the nerve channels the user finds it harder to move that body part and mould chakra their.

Legendary Palms : 128 Nerves Strikes
Like 64 Nerves Strike but only more nerves are hit and paraluzed

Legendary Palms : 361 Nerves Strikes
Like 64 and 128 but more nerves are struck

Legendary Palms : Infinite Strike
In this jutsu the user releases the gold chakra from his palm using jyouken and it forms the shape of a giant palm which strikes the opponent hitting them with tremendous force
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Legendary Hyuuga Jutsu
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