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 Gringott's Book Store

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Ryan Koko Yadori
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PostSubject: Gringott's Book Store   Fri Jul 04, 2008 10:54 pm


Icha Icha flirting--Jiraiya (the first installment in the series. Tons of Erotic Fun! 2x winner of the Pornography today, 3 months on the bestseller list--for 18 year olds onnly.) 50 ryo

Icha Icha paradise--Jiraiya (the second installment. even better and sexier nad the last one! A msut read for fans of the Icha-Icha seires. not for minors. so far still on the bestseller lsit.) 50 ryo

Icha Icha Violence: the newest installment of the Icha icha series. mstu I elaborate?

"The Anatomy of Women--A guide to Sexy No Jutsu!"--Uzumaki Naruto: A guide to changing into the woman or man of your choice, to include parts usually not included. NOT for minors at any time. 50 ryo

101 reasons not to QUit Smoking: Asuma Sarutobi: tons on tips to keep people form tellign you to stop smoking! 50ryo

The Bible: Quincy book...who buys it? 20 ryo

Herbal Medicines—Ayame Hakura (written by Jan’s mother, it shows most of the medicines of the Quincy and the deer Spirits, the best medics in the world) 80 ryo

The Shinobi's Travel Guide of the World: Shadow Shinimori- everything a shinobi needs to know about different villages cultures and practices. A must have for those travelers out there- 80 ryo

Jutsu Scrolls!

Basic Jutsu: a guide to replacement, Clone and transformation. 30 ryo


Grand FIreball--20000 ryo (genin-level)
Dragon Fire: 50000 Ryo(jounin-level)
Phoenix Fire: 50000 Ryo(jounin-level)


Kaze no Yaiba: wind blade (4000 ryo)(chuunin level)
Air Release: drilling air bullet: 40000 ryo (genin level)


Water Clone: 20000 ryo(chuunin-level)
A thousand needles: 20000 ryo (genin level)
Ice Style:White whale jutsu (a giant horned whale of ice comes from under the water and you control it, only works near deep water): 100000 ryo


Chidori: 20000 (chuunin-level)
Lightning blade (Rakiri): 100000 (Jounin only)

Me and meh Cherry

me and my bro Seto passed out after training.

Fenrir, my sword.
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Gringott's Book Store
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