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 Grass JUtsus

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Grass Feudral Lord/Nara Clan Leader
Grass Feudral Lord/Nara Clan Leader

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PostSubject: Grass JUtsus   Sat Jul 05, 2008 3:10 pm


Nature Style: Jungle Clone
This jutsu creates a clone of the user from nearby grass or plants. Mainly used as a decoy, the clonescreated are incapable of causing a noticeable amount of physical damage they also can't use any type of jutsu. - Genin

Nature Style: Jungle Entangle
By hyper-accelerating the growth rate of a Vines,Grass,Plants,Leafs etc. a user will concentrate thechakra into the target. Once this is done regardless of who or what the Chakra infused target soon unravels and many vines wrap around the enemy's arms and legs, thus restricting their movement greatly.Strength of 3 people required to remove the vines.(Vines die off after 3 posts) -Genin

Nature Style: Jungle Exploding Clone:
By infusing the leaves or petals of poisonous plants into the Jungle Clone, the user turns the normally weak clone into a trap. When the clone is defeated, it will burst open and release a cloud of poisonous gas able to cause slight nausea, hallucinations or blurry vision for a short period of time (2 posts).(Used with a Jungle Clone this move can only be used on 1 Jungle Clone at a time)- Genin

Nature Style: Jungle's Village Shield Technique
This jutsu makes use of all the roots,vines, and grass in the close area to block the opponents attack. It is best agains wind-element techniques and worst against fire-element technique.(Best used somewhere with grass,roots,or vines so you then will have unlimited of roots for protections) - Genin

Nature Style: Jungle Weapon Evolution
By using the Nature chakra, the user is able to transform plants and evolve them into weapons. A blade of grass can become like a needle, a branch can become a long bo staff. When no plants are around, Jungle Shinobi will usually grow their own.Which they learn to when they become Chuunin. Although transformed, the weapons created by this jutsu are still plants and can be broken quite easly.-Genin

Nature Style: Artificial Grass
After transferring chakra to the ground. The seeds ground the chakra given to it to rapidly grow into a field of grass.The grass will die after several minutes (5 posts) if placed on decent soil, but if placed on terrain not normally capable of sustaining it, such as rocks, the grass will only last a few minutes (3 posts).-Chuunin

Nature Style: Dark Jungle Rising
When you get caught in this Genjutsu, you see a grass field, which soon rises and becomes a jungle. To get out of the genjutsu, you only have to complete the jungle, by walking or running right through it. This genjutsu makes you dazed and unable to move until you release it. - Chuunin

Nature Style: Jungle Grass Chains
This jutsu causes the grass below an opponent's feet to rapidly grow and wrap around the victim's hands and feet, binding them.This skill is works faster and is much more stronger than the genin Nature Style: Jungle Entangle(Lastes for 4 post).Strength of 5 needed to break free.-Chuunin.

Nature Style: Jungle Vine Armor
Combining the basic principles of the element Nature and Charka control, the ninja is able to make vines coil around his own body. When this step is done, he channels chakra into the plants around him and thus forming converting these harmless plants into thorns. This jutsu is designed to deter opponents from getting too close, provides a mild defense against weak taijutsu attacks, and the emeny will bruise if they make contact with this.The vines die after five posts.-Chuunin

Nature Style: Jungle Plants
By hyper-accelerating the growth rate of the area around the user the land will start to become a small jungle of thorny vines in the immediate area. The vines appear and grow almost instantly, impaling and wrapping around anything they can. This attack usually takes around 2 post for a jungle to be fully grown and stopped, during this time the user cannot remove his hands from the ground or the jutsu will immediately end.-Chuunin

Nature Style: Jungle Burial
After the user infuses a large amount of chakra into ground it burstes open and a group of roots quickly make their way to their intended target and spring up from the ground. The roots entangle around their victim's legs and slowly begin dragging them below ground lastes for 3 post the foe has 5 post when he/or she is underground to get out if not they will pass out due to the lack of oxygen.-Chuunin



Nature Style: Jungle Thorn Clone Skill
The user creates a large amount of thorny vines that assemble themselves into a humanoid form that look like the user. The clones aren't particularly powerful, but they are a walking trap. If the clones touch something (whether they attack or are attacked) they immediately break down into their base vines, which lash out and grab the person..- Jounin

Nature Style Summoning:Nature's Creation
This summons a wild plant life that moves and attacks on its own will. This particular summonin is sometimes called a creation no one knows for sure, only thing known is that Kyo Uchiha was 1st to use this summonin when he came to Sousei.This creator consisting of grizzled tree bark, razor sharp leaf blades, various type of vines, and spongy growths. Its form can only be described as "humanoid." Only one can be created at a time, since no shinobi thus far, not even Kyo Uchiha himself has been documented to control more then one. The Creature Dies after 7 posts- Jounin

Nature Style: Nature Rasengan
Just as the Rasengan is a ball of wind chakra forms in your hand. Kyo Uchiha when he 1st landed on Sousei and masted the Nature element he combined Nature itself with the Rasengan.By usein Nature charka to from it the rasengan turns greens as it drains the energy around it slowy making it even more powerful than the normal rasengan.


Nature Style: Root Prison Technique
This technique uses all the roots in the area of 50 feet to create a prison on the size of the amount of roots it uses. If there are enough roots, it can capture a hole village, if the user uses this move for more than 4 post all of his/her charkra will be lost and user may die.- Kage

Nature Style: Jungle Tree of Death
A lethal and extremely dangerous technique, the Jungle Tree of Death is considered as Kyo Uchihas Strongest move out of all the Nature jutsus. The Jungle Tree of Death has no other purpose than wreaking havoc and death. The Jungle Tree of Death simply 'summons' massive conifers from the ground, over a radius of about 40 feet. Those summoned trees are peculiar in that their trunks are completely black and that they have no leaves. Instead, their branches and trunks are exclusively covered with the spines so common to that species of trees. While they are rising from the ground, these trees can impale enemies standing within this radius and should this fail to kill them, the long sharp spines would make quick work of them, ripping their skin and shredding them to pieces.(can only be used once a fight) -Kage

Nature Style: Jungle Tree of Life
Unlike the Jungle Tree of Death this jutsu isnt lethal nor dangerous,this technique summons' massive conifers from the ground, over a radius of about 40 feet. Those summoned trees are peculiar in that their trunks are brown and that they have many leaves.Their branches and trunks are exclusively covered with the Charka healing sap which covers the user of this skill healing him back to full health and charka back to max plus giveing him more charka as long as the Tree is there.(Lastes for 7 post and can only be used once a fight)-Kage
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Grass JUtsus
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