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 Seto And Kihaku Chapter 1

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Seto Yoko Yadori
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PostSubject: Seto And Kihaku Chapter 1   Sat Jul 12, 2008 1:00 am

A young girl waited outside the academy, a ferocious grin on her face. She had passed all the tests and passed them early. Not only that, she was getting the best sensei in the entire leaf village! He was one of the Sannin -- Orochimaru. The great Orochimaru was going to train her and teach her and she was going to learn all kinds of cool things! When he appeared, she followed him as if she were an over excited puppy. She barely remembered to turn and wave to her friends left at the Academy.

Seto leaned on the wall, watching her walk away. He wasn't as skilled as her, and would take longer to graduate, but he promised to catch up. She wouldn't stay out of his sight for long.

Years later, the same girl waited. She was once again assigned a sensei. This time an older jounin of no particular fame. Instead of danger and excitement and fame, this man showed up with nothing more than a soft smile for her. She followed him, her feet shuffling in defeat. Her first sensei was a missing nin, a wanted criminal. She was barely trusted enough to serve her village. Thus her life began again.

Seto watched her walk away again, leaning against the same wall. Her new sensei had caught his eye and gave him a reassuring glance. This new sensei was not taking his Kihaku away, he was going to make sure she stayed. As Seto watched the two of them leave, he saw her look back and her fingers grazed across her sweet lip-gloss covered lips. This time, he didn't get a wave, she blew him a kiss. He wouldn't let her stay out of his sight for long.


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Seto And Kihaku Chapter 1
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