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 Seto And Kihaku Chapter 2

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Seto Yoko Yadori
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PostSubject: Seto And Kihaku Chapter 2   Sat Jul 12, 2008 1:13 am

Ryan stood on the balcony of their apartment. Cherry was already asleep, worn out from being an idiot all day. The three of them had been out around the village enjoying some time off until Seto had gotten a message from Kihaku. He excused himself, saying he'd be back by dinner. Ryan and Cherry had finally eaten from frozen dinners in front of the TV after giving up on Seto. Now it was night and Seto should have been back hours ago.

The three of them had a mission early in the morning. They should all be resting so they wouldn't screw up and get hurt or worse. Instead, Iruka was barely visible in the park across the street. He'd been sitting there talking to Kihaku for hours now. She had broken up with some guy. He swore this happened too often. Some idiot who only saw Kihaku as a challenge, and then bailed after the challenge was gone. He saw Seto give her a little kiss on the cheek. He was being the sweet best friend/former boyfriend. Once again, Kihaku had a broken heart.

Ryan sighed and walked back into the apartment. He was always last in line it seemed. He was the last resort. He was the one that went with her to things when everyone else said no. He was the one she never dated. If he asked, she had plans. He was always last, but he still loved her. He'd never throw her away like the parade of people who didn't even have names in Ryan's mind. They were not worth her, but she still loved Seto and ISeto still loved her, but they were both too stupid to realize it. Ryan crawled into bed alone, there wasn't anything he could do.


Me And Ryan Passed Out After Training

Me and my hun Kihaku, and my bro hating on me LOL
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Seto And Kihaku Chapter 2
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